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Sinful Wings and Tainted Purity

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"It's better to fly durin' the day, with Angelus perhaps, though I've told him to cut back on the time he's out there vulnerable, too." Rolling his eyes, Lindsey muttered, "Knowin' him it means he'll be out there every fuckin' spare moment, now."

"But if you must, just let me know beforehand, alright? I'll send someone with you or set up someone to gaurd."

Spike dropped his head slightly, nodding. "Of course. I'll try to stay on my toes, wouldn't do to be shot out of the sky and have Angelus go on a murderous crusade." Not that he thought Angelus cared for him that much, but he couldn't let the murder of his Shellan go unnoticed.

Hopping down from the wall, he rested a hand against it while his wings curled around him, protecting him from the slight chill. "You and Angelus are a constant source of stress for me, you know that? One of these days I swear the king is going to rip your head clean from your shoulders."

Face going closed, Lindsey tossed the apple core to the ground and tore into the bread again, eating silently for a few moments before glancing down at Spike again.

"I've survived Angelus for many years, Highness. You don't need to worry your pretty little head over it. He didn't kill me when I was fightin' with his enemies and killin' his clan so I don't see him losin' it over my mouth, now."

Of course, he knew if he tried to leave, it would probably be the last decision he made, Angelus not wanting his skill turned against him again, but it was the price he paid for a clan he could feel loyal to, for those few months when nothing else had mattered but the arrogant prick.

WARNINGS: Uh, slash and angst?

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